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Training: Woman giving training presentation
The Information Security Office offers various training opportunities for departments and individuals.
Campus Events
Is your department hosting an event? Whether you want to network with us, grow your professional skills, or explore solutions to the issues you face, the Information Security Office would love to be part of your event. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.
Department Training
We have a variety of tools at our disposal, from in-person presentations to “goody bags,” that we routinely use to spread the word about Information Security. Whether you would like to coach certain employees or would like a refresher on what services we offer, we can provide training for your department. Send us a quick message to find out how you can get FREE training for your team.

Vulnerability Scanning: Techs working on computer
The Information Security Office provides extensive testing services to make sure your technology solutions are secure.
Network Scanning
Whether you suspect something is going on or you need to find possible points of attack, our team of experts have the tools to test your entire infrastructure. Contact us to get started.
Website Scanning
If you are working on a new website or have been concerned about the health of an existing website, a security check is a great idea. Contact us and our security professionals will propose a testing approach that meets your needs.
Techs working on computer

Vendor Assessment: Woman talking about a product
The Information Security Office evaluates new business partners to make sure that our data is safe even when accessed outside of our facilities.
New Vendor
When establishing a new relationship with a vendor, you need to be certain that that this vendor can meet security and compliance requirements. By evaluating the vendor, their technology and legal contracts, we can ensure that risk to UTD is managed. Please contact us when you are considering a new vendor.
Existing Vendor
If you have a major change with your existing vendor or otherwise need to reconsider the security of the relationship, we can have another look at everything for you. Let us know your concerns by sending us a message and we will work together on the solution.

Architecture Consultation: Woman paying attention to clients
The Information Security Office is equipped to help you make decisions about the best possible way to setup your environment.
Network Security
It is crucial to keep security in mind when expanding or changing your department’s technology. If you have plans to conduct major changes on your network, consider reaching out to us for help. We can assist you in navigating your changes and make sure that the new setup will be just as safe as your last. Contact us to get a security professional on your team.
Project Consultation
It is always cheaper to understand the project requirements at the start instead of having to adjust things after the fact. Fixing a project after it has been started can be more costly than doing it right from the beginning. Reach out to us today and our team can help you navigate the security challenges of your new project.
Risk/Compliance Assessment: Woman paying attention to clients

Concerned woman talking to clients
The Information Security Office has a team of professionals ready to help you navigate technology, government and business risks.
Risk Assessment
Performing a risk assessment can help you understand your environment and the vulnerabilities it may contain. Our team of experts specialize in uncovering risks and recommending remediation options. Contact us to find out how our team can assist you in avoiding future perils.
Framework Compliance
If your department handles special types of data, such as student or health information, you likely fall under special government regulations. Staying compliant helps UTD avoid fines and bad publicity. Contact our team of risk and compliance professionals to learn more.